About Company: Mission and History

Company History

ZKM Consulting & Project Management is founded by Mr Serge Mokonyane; the entity is highly structured and principles geared for growth with a strong professional team focused on customer needs.

ZKM Consulting & Project Management primary function lies in the disposal of metals. We provide solutions contemporary to Metal Industry challenges and have better insight and a good grasp of the legislative and regulatory environment relevant to the industry.

We have the technical know-how, financial capacity, capital equipment as well as a fleet of specialised vehicles to successfully undertake and complete large projects, as we have done in the past for numerous companies and government subsidiaries such as the national power utility, ESKOM and DENEL PMP. Our capital equipment includes a copper granulating machine as well as a bailing machine. This ensures that the products are efficiently processed and do not re-enter the market illegally

Mission & Vision


To become a major player and service provider in the disposal of metals by being responsive to the needs of our customers. ZKM Consulting & Project Management will redefine the metal industry by being receptive to our suppliers and customers and making its services flexible and reliable.


Our mission is to provide our customers a leading BBBEE company a one stop shop for all metals and electronic waste.

It is ZKM Consulting & Project Management policy to constantly ensure that our services are of the highest standard and meet client requirements at all times. To achieve this we strive towards continuous improvement and the involvement of everyone in our organization

Our TOP selling products

Copper 45%
Aluminium 25%
Stainless Steel 12%
Brass 18%